Launch of a new report using Glass: the Immersive Economy in the UK


A new report has been published using structured web data from Glass. The study has been the first of its kind to map the UK immersive sector. Commissioned by Immerse UK with funding from Innovate UK, the report provides hard data about the size of the sector, its performance, its geography, the drivers of success and the barriers to growth. It has identified and mapped the organisations developing and applying these exciting new technologies in the UK. The sector is growing rapidly with 1,000 specialist companies with an expected turnover that could reach £1bn this year.

The report is another great example of what’s possible with open web data. With Glass, finding relevant companies for the research took no time at all. The analysis was then prepared by Nesta, a global innovation foundation. MTM London, a research consultancy, also conducted a business survey and in-depth interviews as part of the report.

Here is an excellent read from Nesta where they explain how the report came together (and the role Glass played in it). It highlights a new exciting approach to market research and innovation mapping using web data and machine learning techniques.